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After a long and hard search, I finally came to a conclusion. Nobody knows the secrets of life and judgment better then this prophet. Nobody can answer any of my questions except this man. Nobody has best been able to tell us the ultimate mystery of what God is and how creation and God came to be. Nobody can remove the mistakes and reveal the ways of life and man like this person can. Out of all the claimed prophets and Michael's in this world, this is the only one who actually knows what the Messiah is and what his roles are and how to carry out those roles. Everyone else I ever talked to had no clue as to how to accomplish anything or was able to solve the age old riddles. They didn't even know proper references to their own character, let alone leave us with substance. By my ability to reason and question everything, this truly is the one we've been waiting for. If you don't agree, then that's your right, but tearing down good work is not gonna bring us there. Basically, if you can't show me one better, then don't bother trying to suggest otherwise.
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