The Deception of Afterlife=Death

What everyone calls spirit or soul, contrary to beliefs, has no way of exiting this existence into another layer or realm. As scripture tells us, when you die the body goes back to the dust of the earth (Ecc 3:20) and the soul (breath) or spirit (nature of your being) also dissipates into the energy surrounding this, our layer of existence, the earth (Ecc 12:7, Psalms 22:29 & 104:29-30, Ezekiel 18:4 & 20, Joshua 10:28-39). That's why even the elect, is in no rush to die and leave this earth, our only existence. Our Spirit (which is an essence of our being & not an energy) shouldn't be portrayed as an energy, for even if it was described as such it could not escape from this earth or have any senses or conciousness without a processor for it, which is what our brain is. We were formed from processions, layer after layer of micro realms to have concious energy, by placing the soul into the body, which acts as the processor, otherwise there would be no "Life" to experience. So, there is no such thing as afterlife, it's a myth or great scam. Example: You send a signal from computer to computer with a visual program that functions, but by itself that energy full of info has no form of concept, but once it’s received and processed at the end user, it then becomes a formed and visible program. Without the processor it’s just energy in micro orders without macro end vision of form.
Still doubt what I say?
Try blind folding yourself, placing sound proof ear phones on, and numbing your fingers. What do you feel, hear or see (thus sense)?
Does that energy you call soul still see, hear, touch, and feel?
Without your vessel acting as the processor you have no sense that allow you to feel, hear, see and sense life.
Confusion Sets In:
The light at the end of the Tunnel & hellucination of relatives seen as after life is actually occuring from the lack of oxygen to the brain. This has been simulated in a lab like in DR Michael Persinger's research, where everyone stimulated on the side portion of the brain had the same exact experience as if they were dying, & they saw the same tunnel of light, higher presence, feeling of floating & detachment, and imagery almost identical to each other. This deception of Bright Light deceives us into thinking there is something after death that in reality doesn't exist and was part of Cult beliefs. Therefore we end up treating death as life, even though scripture warns us of "PROMISING" people a false "Soul Flying Life"(Ezekiel 13:20-22).
Another misperception on the concept stems from people mistaking this ability to transmit oneself, as in "remote viewing" or "telepathy", as being similar to out of body death or eternal life being proved. In other words they see this ability as another realm.
This couldn't be more deceptive....You see in all cases there was always a processor in which the info energy was received, whether Telepathy or remote viewing. We know energy can't have consciousness without a processor which acts as the mechanism in which we use to feel and experience life. This Body and Mind vessel is the only processor as energy by itself has nothing to feel. (bible even says this) Thus when we think these things are another realm, they are actually talents within this order (realm)and there is no other realm but this life. Deception is in telling people there is an afterlife, for by teaching that we have worshipped death and sacrificed this one and only grace of Life.
To See What Scripture Says, Revealing Death and Heaven by the word and not fantasy cult myth
So what was the eternal life in Scripture meant to be?
The Greek myths, because of their belief in an immortal soul, viewed death as a natural, desirable, progression. It's concept was that it completes the liberation of the soul & it would free the soul from the prison of its body. But all this did was cause worship of death deceiving people as as if it were life. The Jews on the other hand, saw death as an enemy, something unnatural, abnormal, opposed to God. The only hope for a dying creation was a resurrection, a release from the death condition & remaining alive in this only grace of Life. Resurrection was to be a true reward for for those who gave their lives freely to G0D. In other words it was seen as an ideal way to bring justice for those who have sacrificed their lives to better Life for the whole.
The Nazarenes taught to covet death opposite traditional Judaism. Logically we would then ask ourselves were they helenized Jews who were influenced by Greek mythology or did this occur from other cultural influences? The Nazarenes admit in the John Apochryphon that they borrow from Zoroastrianism. We see remanants of Johns followers called the Mandeans which teach similar coveting of death teachings, those Zoroastrian teachings which John influenced onto his followers also influenced Jesus who eventually took the beheaded John's flock. So the Nazarenes which taught ‘The Mysterys of Babylon’ were deemed the Notzrim (offshoot) because they seperated these views on death creating an off shoot sect from traditional Judaism and it's understandings on death and heaven.
Death is not another life, but a curse:
Deuteronomy\Devarim: 30:19
I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day,That I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse;Therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your children.

The Reason Why They Sold The Lie
Well think about it. Rome was losing power and control and no-one would be obedient to them while they invaded and captured and enslaved people. So they used the mask of religion to remain in power, collect taxes (now called tithes)and they spread out far and wide without anyone knowing they were still being invaded or controlled by the Roman Empire.......Brilliant eh?
Now while in a masked power how do they keep the lower classes from Rising? Simple, create a false hope of a better life for sacrificing yourself in this life. Thinking they are suffering here to go to heaven later was another brilliant trick of the Romans. How do they get suckers to fight in wars for them? Tell them they are martyrs and will go to a false hope afterlife of heaven. Hey, that's what the JiHaad is all about, as they tell them they die for a greater afterlife and they go along with it unknowingly. If they just tell the truth, then no longer do you have people fighting for fat cats for the hope of pleasing their gods. Simply put we can have total peace and prosperity if Rome admits where it came from and what it is....If you don't recognize the beast then you're bound by it.
We forfeit this life waiting for something that is a Lie and by that we forfeit our offspring’s life too. See what was always intended for us to understand and why I know these things:

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