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Night's Help Guide Biblical Terms Dictionary:
Please feel free to utilize my new bible tool to help understand the meaning of biblical terms and slang used in prophecy.

Hebrew words dictionary, Meaning of words used in the bible through imagery, symbolism, and underground slang terms sometimes used to hide from Romans figuring out who and what they were referring to:

  • Abaddon or Apollyon=destroyer
  • Adam=Man
  • Almah=young woman (betoula, betouli, tahor means virgin, not Almah in Isaiah 7:14)
  • Angel=Hebrew ‘malakh’ means messenger/prophet/reflection of G-d
  • Archangel or Chief Malakh=Top-main messenger/prophet/reflection
  • Belial=wicked man
  • Bethlehem Ephrathah= the tense in the Hebrew is MASCULINE GENDER and birthplaces are feminine gender therefore it’s not a birth place it’s a birth lineage one comes out of. Bethlehem the son (or grandson) of Ephrathah (1 Chronicles 4:4, 2:50-51).
    Micah 5:2 reads: "But as for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, too little to be among the clans of Judah (showing a lineage not a city )
  • Book of life=history and or the bible
  • Bright Star or Great Star=top messegner/ prophet (an archangel)
  • Cherub=guardian/ in Hebrew - ‘Nazarei’ also means guardian
  • Clothed in the sun=clothed in satan/sun god worship.
  • Clouds=hosts/Kohanim (Temple Priests) like in 1 Kings 8:10
  • Converging rivers=faiths mixing
  • Darkness=Lies, Ignorance and Folly
  • Day or Morning or Sun=satan/sun god-idol worship like Bel (Baal) or Mithra
  • Devil=is not a deity it is a word used on the idol worship of dagon which was called the devil as it represented a path to decay and death, thus Devil-is simply what brings about or leads us to the end of having ‘lived’ thus the mirror reverse of lived is devil. In the NT it's the power of death and decay (Hebrews 2:14).
  • Dew= symbolic of the gift of Divine Revelation thus small "droplets" (concentrated drops) of "dew" must flow down the "locks" of the Groom to his bride which is what is being conveyed in Song of Songs 5:2 on the droplets of Night.
  • Eve=Adams wife but not his first bride (very important clue).
  • Fallen Star=fallen messenger/ prophet aka false prophet
  • Fire=mystical ray of luciferous light or Kundalini force thought to be magical associated with Luciferian doctrines. Beware of ‘catch the fire’ and ‘come to the fire’ or ‘jump into to the fire’ catch phrases.
  • Fish=men in the flock/followers/Christians, also Dagon priests
  • Fruits=people or teachings or works depending on context
  • G0D= Power and source of Life is neither a Man nor a Son of Man (Numbers 23:19). Nor image or form (Isaiah 2:22, 14:13, I Samuel 15:29, Numbers 23:19, and Hosea 11:9, Deuteronomy 4:11-12 and the 13 major principles of the Jewish faith based on the Rambam's teaching)
    Note:The word for "image" in Gen. 1:27 is "tzelem," which refers to the nature or essence of a thing and not a form.
  • Garden of Eden (location)=ancient Iran according to Gen 2:10-14, where G0D places his presence and lets himself be known.
  • Harlot= Hierarchy which slept with many nations and w-h-o-r-e-d it’s wares to many kingdoms, worships the literal harlot woman according to historical accounts of Mariam Ben Stada mother of Yeshu, and because they use all the harlots of the bible for the lineage of it’s idol.
    Matthew uses Tamar(Genesis 38:12-19), Rahab (Joshua 2:1), Ruth (Ruth 3:1-14), and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:2-5) all harlots to make up the lineage of Jesus.
  • Hashem=the Name
  • HaShev=return/restore/deliver in the NT the Hebrew version uses the word Shewb thus blotting out the name of the deliverer.
  • HaSheva=the redeemer
  • HaShevet=the staff
  • Heaven=In Hebrew Olam Habah meaning world to come (future transformed perfected earthly kingdom)
  • Kittim=Romans
  • Laylah or Laila=Night in Hebrew
  • Light=truth and knowledge
  • Melchizedek= King of Righteousness and Zadokite line, but originally stems from Mal_khiy-tzehthehq (Malakh Tsadek)=meaning messenger (angel) of righteousness
  • Metatron=mediator (referring to Enoch and his mediating in his context or other references being of Archangel Michael when referring to THE Mediator between G-d and man and between the nations.)
  • Mikdash or Mikdosh=the Holy Temple (Dash=refering to, Dosh=thresher)
  • Mikra = the Hebrew word for the Bible. (RA=Hebrew meaning Father in Heaven)
  • Mikveh= a form of purification, atonement (cleansing) for contact with the death, or with murder.
  • Mishichistim =Moshiachists
  • Mithnite=Hebrew meaning gift/hope
  • Morning Star or son of day= son or messenger/prophet of Satan aka Lucifer.
  • Mystery Babylon=Mystery Religions from Babylonian paganism.
  • Naked=the Hebrew has no vowels can be read as either eromim means to be naked, without clothes arumim means the uncovering of deceptions as in ‘the naked truth’.
  • Perdition=to fall/descend to hell/be annihilated-to die. (son of perdition is the fallen one, “the son” who was annihilated and descended to hell acts 2:27, apostles creed, seen as the one who fell from grace per Ezekiel 28 accounts on Lucifer)
  • Prince of the Congregation or head of the hosts =Archangel Michael
  • Prince=one who sacrifices for others
  • Purple=color of rich people’s garments in which the purple dye/fabric was founded in TYRE.
  • Rivers=faiths
  • Samael=poison of G-d (another name for satan-the adversary & wicked one which is why the fallen one is also refered to as wormwood which was a bitter poison-the wicked one thus poisons our minds and worship)
  • Satan=stems from saw tawn meaning adversary, is not a deity, it’s a word used for a hierarchy which is adversary or a person which reflects adversary teachings.
  • Scarlet/red=color of sin
  • Sea (when not literal)=Rome
  • Semikah=Rabbinic ordination
  • Shalem=Evening Star (the one YeruShalem is named after) The NIGHT, remover of the Day(satan) which then brings peace, thus became known as Shalom. This means Shalem=Archangel Michael. Which is why my given name was appropriately named NIGHT.
  • Shemen Afarshimon of Psalm 133= the Holy Anointing Oil, from the Holy Temple
  • Sheva=7
  • Shiloh=one who’s right it is (commentary says Ezekiel’s Shiloh was Archangel Michael)
  • Ships=Rome’s army like in Dan 11:30
  • Soul=in Hebrew the word is 'Nepes' meaning breath (even fish had nepes in the bible)
  • STAR=messenger/prophet
  • Sword from out of the mouth= sWORD/the words are strong and sharp/to the point pulls no punches/will guarantee to hurt as truth sometimes hurts.
  • Teshuva=return to G-d (repent)
  • Tree of Life= the deeper inner dimension of the Torah
  • Two Horns= 2 powers (duality of power-political and religious system)
  • Waters=body of followers
  • Wicked Prince (Belial) Fallen Prince=fallen prophet/lucifer
  • wine=knowledge/teachings
  • Wormwood=Bitter or Toxic-(because wormwood is a bitter poisonous herb)
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