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*Major Update 10/2001*

Diet and Health Guidelines For Cancer Prevention

1) Choose a diet rich in variety of plant based foods.
2) Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
3) Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.
4) Refrain from alcohol consumption or at least moderate your drinking habit.
5) Select foods low in fat and salt.
6) Prepare and store food safely.
7) Make sure where you work is well ventilated.

Medical Miracles and Breakthroughs
Biotechnology is finally starting to progress into combating hard to cure diseases.One of these new breakthroughs is Proleukin, a biotechnology bred medicine that goads the bodyís immune system to identify and attack cancer cells. One of the many fascinating Bio remedies in the growing arsenal to conquer diseases and cure all ills. Biotechnology research labs are finally making real progress in deciphering the basic blueprint of human chemistry and itís genes, in order to develope treatments and cures for things such as diabetes, skin disorders, strokes, heart & lung ailments, arthritis, blindness and of course cancer. Mix this manipulation of genes, with new stem cell research and discoveries, and you have yourself the possibility that man will one day soon conquer all decay and illnesses.For more cures ask your Dr. about availability of Nitric Oxide based solutions. Soon we might learn how to switch cells on and off through cloning and thus be able to cure cancer. See the Benefits of cloning linked on the bottom of this page.
By the way, many cancers are now fully treatable with impressive results, so research whatís available.
Ask about the progress of research on endostatin and angiostatin still being testing on humans to see if it works as good as it did with the mice tested.
As far as Endostatin, it prevents growth of cancer cells, while angiostatin stops blood vessel formation in or next to cancer growths. However, lately poor results have shown in their research & performance on the test subjects contrary to the results found in the recovery of the test mice.

*Update 9/99* A new regimen of B17 (kills off the toxins) and apricot seeds (along with some type of pancreatic-digestive enzyme) is said to be affective alternative treatment.Together the B 17 & seeds work as a combination that seems to work for many people who claim after a few weeks or months they completely stoped the growth and spread of the cancer. Some even use this for prevention. A few apricot seeds per day & One Vitamin B17 tablet (100 mg) is a great preventative measure against forming cancer in ones lifetime.Ask a Dr about this in conjunction with any prescribed medicine or medical procedures.
*Update 10/99*
HGSI Human Genome Sciences New Pharmaceutical Products Being Studied
Through the use of genomic technology, HGS has three drugs being tested, Two of these drugs may substantially improve the effectiveness of many types of cancer therapy as they may shield the body's normal tissues from toxic cancer treatments, while leaving cancer cells vulnerable.
*Also Ask these people about any new biotech advances-
Trichosanthin Protein Engineering Research Team
*6/2000 Latest UPDATE: A drug called Reolysin is now being tested, based on a naturally occuring virus that kills cancer cells is now being used on terminally ill patients in Calgary Albetrta Canada in an experimental basis. The drug does not harm healthy cells. Reolysin was developed after a team of researchers at the University of Calgary found a human virus shrank or eliminated cancer cells in some lab animals in 1998. Oncolytics Biotech helped develop the drug which is now being tested on melanoma & cancers of the head, neck, lung, & breast. The tests should take about a year before the results and an analysis is released.
(update 8/2000)Similar research on a virus that has been genetically engineered to home in on and destroy cancer cells has shown strong and lasting effects against tumors in patients when combined with standard chemotherapy this made their tumors shrink. This occured when treated with Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s ONYX-015 along side the chemotherapy.
(Updates 9/2000) Celecoxib, a fairly new prescription drug used for Arthritis, appears to block an enzyme that is present in breast cancer patients. Itís a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug which shows us a possible chance in treating and maybe even preventing breast cancer based on the recent animal testing. Also there was discovered two particular genes which has been linked to breast cancer aprox 50% of the time in those who had the Gene. Meanwhile just recenlty scientists have found dozens of new genes involved in the process tumours use to feed themselves, offering many potential targets for cancer therapy. These findings will give scientists a better idea on new ways to battle cancer.
Scientists in London through studying how a plant system functions, have found a way to harness this process to help fight cancer cells. They plan on genetically engineering an enzyme with a guidance system attached acting as an antibody that recognises as well as targets specific tumours. Tumour cells can then be destroyed while other healthy cells left completely unharmed. The artificially produced enzyme homes in on the tumour and then binds on to it. Then the sugar is applied, which reacts with the enzyme to release cyanide and kill the tumour, the same way the plant kills itís predetors with cyanide formed by this same method. They have successfully tested the system, called Agent (Antibody Guided Enzyme Nitrile Therapy) on bowel cancer cells in the laboratory, however say tests on humans in a pilot program will be about 3 years away. Some might ask about the affects of cyanide, because it is poisonous, but is not as toxic as some chemotherapy drugs. You can give it in high concentrations locally and it will kill the tumours but not the surrounding cells. They say it should be possible to attach antibodies that recognise other solid tumours to the enzyme in order to help in other forms of cancer

Now Even further:
A new study is being done investigated an enzyme called telomerase, that helps prevent natural cell death that is thought to be involved in cancer. In this study they are hopeful in finding a universal antigen, that is one antigen to try to treat every cancer patient." A natural enzyme that scientists say could be used to create a universal cancer vaccine offers enormous opportunities in cancer treatment. They found that a protein produced in all major human cancers can stimulate the development of immune cells when used as the basis of a vaccine that can be used for all types of cancer *(update 12/2000)*
For Breast Cancer
Ask about 'Tamoxifen' if you already had one breast affected by Cancer and carry a genetic mutation for the disease. It seems to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the other breast and saves from having a preventive masectomy. (The findings were published in the British medical journal, The Lancet)
More news
In BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine researchers say they have taken a step toward a possible vaccine that would fight more than one type of cancer in an experiment in which they stimulated mice's immune systems to reject breast cancer and other types of tumors.

Just a relief and extension:
hope might now come in the form of a monoclonal antibody called anti-VEGF that seeks to block an overabundant receptor in cancer cells from promoting cancer growth.Research shows that combining the antibody with chemotherapy in treating patients with metastatic lung cancer.doubled the period before relapse, however certain types of lung cancer might be a problem for this therapy.
*Update 9/2001*
Research is planed for human trials next year on a newly developed molecule, called icon. It was developed by a pair of Yale University researchers who say it not only attacks cancer but forces it to produce more of the cancer fighting molecules to join in the attack. Icon when tested on mice that had human forms of prostate cancer and melanoma, eliminated the disease by destroying the blood vessels that fed the tumors.

Biological Therapies:
Sometimes called immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modifier therapy.
Biological therapies use the body's immune system, either directly or indirectly, to fight cancer or to lessen the side effects that may be caused by some cancer treatments.
Immune system cells include the following: Lymphocytes: B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, Monocytes, & Natural Killer cells. Besides antibodies the immune system secretes another type of protein called Cytokines which are substances produced by some immune system cells to communicate with other cells. Types of cytokines include lymphokines, interferons, interleukins, and colony-stimulating factors.
Some antibodies, cytokines, and other immune system substances can be produced in the laboratory for use in cancer treatment. Researchers are continuing to discover these new substances referred to as biological response modifiers (BRMs). They alter the interaction between the body's immune defenses and cancer cells to boost, direct, or restore the body's ability to fight the disease. BRMs include interferons, interleukins, colony-stimulating factors, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines.
Researchers are evaluating the effectiveness of certain antibodies made in the laboratory called monoclonal antibodies (MOABs or MoABs). These antibodies are produced by a single type of cell and are specific for a particular antigen. Researchers are examining ways to create MOABs specific to the antigens found on the surface of the cancer cell being treated. MOABs are made by injecting human cancer cells into mice so that their immune systems will make antibodies against these cancer cells. The mouse cells producing the antibodies are then removed and fused with laboratory-grown cells to create "hybrid" cells called hybridomas. Hybridomas can indefinitely produce large quantities of these pure antibodies, or MOABs.
Rituxan-R (rituximab) and Herceptin-R (trastuzumab) are two monoclonal antibodies approved by the FDA.
Herceptin is used to treat metastatic breast cancer in patients with tumors that produce excess amounts of a protein called HER-2.
Robert L. Bratzler, Ph.D., President and CEO of Coley Pharmaceutical Group said: "Based on promising preclinical data, we believe that CpG DNA-based products offer an important new approach to harnessing the body's natural immune response to fight cancer." University of Iowa Cancer Center, is designed to evaluate the safety and immune activation of CpG DNA-based products in patients with relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The Company's two additional Phase I/II trials in cancer will begin later this quarter in Europe.
Melanoma, skin cancer, is the most common cancer in woman ages 25-29.
Thus, no-one should assume they donít have to worry, just because of their age.
I highly recommend plenty of high spf number sun blocking lotion even when your not going to the beach, because Iíve seen people out and about in the sun at festivals and markets getting extreme burns. Those burns heal eventually, but people donít realize that later in life those incidents can cause trouble, so take sunburn serious and make sure you reach everywhere there is exposure to the sun shine. To often I see tourists miss the back of their calf or thighs even the least thought of, the ankles, feet, & other areas that get burned real bad easily. Use higher spf numbers in sensitive areas such as the nose, forehead, neck and shoulders.
Check out any suspicious discolorings or skin conditions as well as moles.
Perform breast exams (Warning; Even Some Men Get Breast Cancer), have it done frequently, while reporting any suspicious lumps to your DR. immediately, as early detection saves lives and makes for more likely cures before it spreads.
There are more than 40,000 people yearly diagnosed with Melanoma, and over 7,000 will die from the advanced stages refered to as metastatic melanoma.
Pain Management
In recent studies they said that people were able to withstand more pain while thinking pleasurable thoughts then those who were negative anxious, depressed or negative in emotions.By focusing on all pleasurable things and good thoughts, like memories and imaginary vacations and pleasures, and a brighter outlook the more one could endure the pain.This means people who fear the worse will most likely experience more pain, thus one should concentrate on the promise and the pleasures and stay clear from all the negative thoughts while dealing with painful illnesses.
-*The study I am referring to was done by director of pain medicine; Peter Staats, MD at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

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