Problems In Condemning & Judging Those of Greater Morals & Standards

About Reveling In Others Judgment
“Nobody heals themselves by harming another, nobody saves themselves by condemning another or assuming they are not saved.” -Mike Night-

Here’s a verse for Christians Taking pleasure in peoples death or calling people damned to hell due eternal torture. A verse for those making their lord one who takes pleasure in this, by the way they teach who’s damned and the shallow egotistical reason why.
Ezekiel 33:11
“As I live,” says the L--rd, G--d, “I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; turn, turn from your evil ways, for why should you die, O House of Israel?”

Morality in Society:
(The following is from: J Dymond’s book “Essays of the Principles of Morality” 1896 in Philadelphia -old Seminary Material - essay 1 chapter 2- Pg 5.) One Proposes “the Understanding” as the means, but every observer perceives that “the understandings” of men are often contradictory to their decisions. Indeed many of those who now think their understandings dictates the rectitude of a given action, will find that the understandings of the intelligent pagans of antiquity came to very different conclusions...... Good men find in practice of life, some sympathy, but these emotions are frequently unsafe and sometimes erroneous guides of their conduct. Besides, the emotions are to regulated and restrained; which of itself intimates the necessity of a regulating and restraining, that is, of a superior Power.
To say we should act according to the eternal & and necessary differences of things is to advance a proposition which NINE out of TEN people do not understand and of course can not adopt in practice; and of the few who do understand it, perhaps an equal number can not apply it, with even tolerable facility to the concerns of life. (-end- of the book quote)
Proof of this was in a poll study a ministry recently did which showed faithful Christians behaved no differently then the rest of society. Conclusion: one can talk the talk but it means nothing if you walk off the course...thus the only teaching should be that which brings people successfully in the path to if present teachings don’t achieve this then it’s time for new wine. The kind that brings the Teshuva (the return to God)

More on Society & Religion:
W.R. Alger 1867 Preface to the book “Genius of Solitude”
“The majority of men in every age are superficial in character and brittle in purpose, and lead undedicated lives; swarming together in buzzing crowds in all haunts of amusement or places of low competition, caring little for anything but gossip and pastime, the titillation of the senses, and the gratification of conceit.” (their EGO)
On Pg 189. he goes on to quote Gotama (Buddhism):of his four fundamental propositions: “There is sorrow, every living creature feels it, Deliverance is desirable , Pure knowledge is the only possible deliverance.”
In this he goes on to talk about the worthless ceremony in religions, which I agree should be traded in for substance and more precise formula for salvation. More practical virtues would be a system of Justice, Benevolence, Reverence, and applying a system of bestowing :
(People forget that the internet offers that ability to offer free ones services and time to help others, and bring others the enjoyment of their free programs, games, software, art, advice, teaching, experiences, networking, etc.).
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Those of Greater Morals & Standards Being Tempted:
People aproach others in chat rooms and discussion boards and on the street or knocking on doors trying to change people who adhere to high standards into their own lesser moral standards & lesser ethics. They want them to stray from the law and from G-d all so thay can justify their belief in their idol and acceptance into their club or group. This is like what Paul did. Since Paul felt he couldn’t live up to the high standard he rid the law so he could be saved. That would be like playing Monopoly and changing the rules to the game half way in order to win the game or stick around the game to play longer. The problem is life is no game and changing the rules is serious business. You can’t change the guidlines set by those who already know what’s best and what the future holds.
It’s why people ask that infamous question; “why is life so cruel”.
It’s cruel because you decide to play by your own rules and not that which is shared with you to guide you to a better way of life. You must remember you are the transgressor, and by coming to the people who don’t transgress and asking them to sink to your level is clearly wrong. If you can’t keep G-d’s Law then that is your problem but don’t go searching to take a bunch a people down with you.
Thus, the injury which is done to humanity by the Christian church in “establishing it”, is negative to society.
You not only tempt some men to equivication or hypocrisy, but exclude from the office others of sounder integrity. When they insist on the purity and sanctity of the moral law they violate the law themselves. They also end up lowering the standard in other issues like handling sin and following the commandments. Their problem is also that they end up playing judge and playing God in judge and jury, often times frowning down upon people who might have better understanding or purity than those imposing their impressions. By trying to convert people who already have G-d and his Laws they are bringing them down that Ladder instead of up it, and they also admit they worship another G-d other then the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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