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The Nanotechnology Laser Atom Projector
(developed for electronic manufacturing)

The Neutral Atom source in projection consists of the initial high intensive gas laser which excites the atoms, through to an Optical amplifier which sweeps frequencies to cool the radiation, then through an opto magnetical seperator which eliminates electrons, then through a radial electron source neutralizer which neutralizes the ion beam by a low ion electron cloud, then to an Ion source which generates Ion Flux for a neutral atom source (this is achieved by it being a duoplasmatron source). Some information about this scientific project can be found at;
This Russian Site-w/ Prof. Nikolay M. Sovetov
This laser technology can also be used or revamped to change the molecular structure of things which uses could solve many problems like trash disposal and thus also nuclear waste disposal. Changing the molecular structure of nuclear waste might be possible to solve the problem of nuclear and toxic disposal allowing for more nuclear energy to be utilized without the disposal issues.
It also might be possible to molecularly process average waste product into fuels like Oil to solve that future crisis.

I am a Member of the Foresight Institute which has been working hard to further Nanotechnology in progress, information & networking, while also helping this technology get more exposure and support.
Here is their informative Web Site to many new advances and uses;
Foresight Institute Nanotechnology Info
Single Atom Switch
The tiny/nano wheel
Link to the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Protein design & comparison of macroscopic and microscopic components

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