The Future- Eternal Man
Creating the Resurrection

Once one removes a sample of their DNA, cracks their code (this process is already known)& has this code for their human DNA programed into the newest super fast hyper computers, it then can be connected to an atom writer laser to produce the DNA model by writing a molecular structure and sequence of the phosphate and sugar which helps build the DNA in replica of the code. Perhaps even a photon laser can read and duplicate it without need for breaking down the code first. Once the code is written or itís duplicate formed in itís order, it can trigger the protein structure and info which will allow the computer to help the laser writer manipulate the molecular characteristics with whatever is used as the base material to form the proper sequence of molecules to form the person as DNA specifies. We know the molecular structure of the protein would be a lot easier to duplicate then a full person, so the DNA code to building the protein structures would help the molecular writer or particle transfer build the blocks of the human structure, so this is more than just theoretical, itís quite feasible. An analogy of this in looking at number & letter sequences and values and codes which make up a graphic design in the computer. If the code is off a bit and some info (data) is lost, then there is no picture, but if the code is set up just as a duplicate to itís breakdown in sequences and codes (numerical values etc.) then it forms the exact same picture. Basically these writers can duplicate the source code of your entire being, much like we copy the code to a graphic. Basically we are talking about the storage of this info until a later time when you need to resurrect the individual after they pass away so that they can live eternally. The storage and transfer of the exact memory would be the key if it is intact with similar particle recording and transfer of itís light particles- thatís if weíd even want to continue the same eternal memory, the option could be open to start fresh every time, or the resurrection might carry an ability for an exact duplicate, memory and all. We also have the option to implant much knowledge (languages no barrier etc.) What makes this different then cloning is that it is already the age specified. It also does not need a person to house the twinked egg and give it birth, which comes in handy if replanting the seeds of life and there are no more species of itís kind left to house the egg.
This creation process also comes in handy if one is sending these devices through unmanned super hyper space travel where in that kind of travel humans might not survive the trip, so after its hyper speeds or landing, the occupants can then be formed to do their mission.
The Future of this technology or process even goes beyond the imagination into creating the spiritual realms/Messengers/Hosts etc. and even possibly snatching & reanimating former beings into the future perfected (taking them to heaven).
Before you get shocked about all this, remember the Bible, the Talmud, & Dead Sea Scrolls tells you MICHAEL is the Father and creator of the seven Elohim-the Hosts, the Legion of spirits.
Concerns From Religious Zealots and Stasists;
Anyone who dares to call this playing G-d should note that this changing and making the vessel imperishable was always a Hebrew concept of Transhumanism in the Bible but also a shared and carried belief in the NT and the Book of Thomas.
To be BORN again can literally refer to "SOME" (Dan 12:1-3) who are priveledged to be resurrected and born again in this age to come where I explain how this is possible and part of the HEBREW teachings of resurrection (being Born again). One must understand what the Jews & early Messianic Christians who taught & observed the Torah, believed about resurrection.
Scroll verse which hints to knowing the workings of man;
The Secret of The Way Things Are
4Q418 Frag. 77 2[ Understand or Seek? ] the secret of the way things are, and learn the nature of man and gaze at the faculties [ and workings or realities for] 3[ What ] has made him. Then you will understand the nature of mortal man and the weight of [ . . . ] 4his spirit, and learn the secret of the way things are, the weight of eras and the measure of [..TIME?..]

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