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Ideas and uses for new discoveries and advances in robotics

  • We've heard of self repairing mechanics but now we have advanced to Self-replicating robots. Here's the latest article on self replicating Robots researched at Cornell University
    Applications for this that everyone is over looking.
    My Idea is to utilize this technology to replicate panel constructions in order to make modular housing for the poor and homeless. A self replicating structure panel creator that allows for mass amounts of building to be inexpensive. This means no More Brazilian Favellas, the community would have modular structures that the gov't can afford to provide it's poor citizens. Less open huts in African nations or areas of the Amazon, schools and spirtual centers can be erected in 3rd world nations at ease and less cost. Revitalizing war torn areas would cost countries like the US less money to supply to the nations they are trying to stabilize thus saving the tax payers the burden which means less stress on the budget deficits. More affordable housing in the time housing building costs for start ups have skyrocketed leaving the poor out of the loop of the housing boom. Self replicated robotics used for road building so more communities can have their infrastructure they so poorly need. Means-Less traffic congestion on relied upon freeways which is strangling many major heavy populated regions. And there are many other uses we could come up with for this technology. Just watch this technology in the future, it's gonna be solving alot more problems then you could imagine once people take my ideas and run with it.

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