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Revealing Satan in Scripture

  • Verses on Satan
    Who Matches Exactly?

  • Lucifer The Fallen Morning Star
  • The King of the Kingdom of Death?
  • *NEW* Biblical Terms DictionaryDecipher symbolic terms & biblical slang
  • The Anti Satan Page Revealing Lucifer in Ezekiel 28
  • The Beast and His Hierarchy

  • Who Theologians Have Labeled the "Beast Of Babylon"
    Anti-Christs Throughout the Centuries
  • What this beast caused in it's teachings
  • Under who's authorityLesson of The Tower of Babel
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  • Paul & The Light Of LuciferTruth About Death & the Light at the end of the Tunnel.

  • 7/99-New links on this page, on Evangelists (Evil Angels) who Refuse My Messages & foresake us by keeping silent.

  • Problems in condemning people of higher virtue

  • Truth about Hell/Satan/666Former Page Reopened & Revised

  • The Dagon Connection
  • Jesus the False Prophet of God
  • Search for the Historical Jesus
  • Admiting they Worship Another God
    Chat Room Blunders Documented
  • Deceptions in Placing Jesus in The Old Testament
    Why Jesus Never Fulfilled the Prophecies
  • The Giant Ego of DeceptionIs it submission to Faith or Sadistic Ego?
  • Satan's Miracles & False Wonders
  • Why Jesus Didn't Atone For Our Sins
  • The Lesson in Abraham Breaking the Idols
  • Belial-and his priests of deception
  • Who's son is he?Who's your daddy?
  • Problems with the Virgin Birth Story
  • Problems In Condemning & Judging Those of Greater Morals & Standards
  • The Anti satan web siteExposing Lucifer in Ezekiel 28. --
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