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HaShev's Science and Technology links
They Blinded Me with Science
  • Night’s Helpful Network Index of the Biotech, Genetics, and Related Industry

  • The Visions of our FutureAs Seen On TLC's- Science Frontier's Espisodes "Future Fantastics" & "The Body Clock" &
    ABC Nightline's Brave New World;
    "man vs machine"

  • Truth about the AfterlifeDeceptions of Afterlife Teachings

  • Time Travel/Time Messaging Theories & Links

  • Night's Nanotechnology Page

  • Human Cloning Org
    Human Cloning Info & Support/look for
    Mike's pro-cloning &life perfection essay in the Published Section
  • Future Method for THE Resurrection

  • Benefits of CloningFrom the New Stem Cell Breakthrough

  • The Clone Rights United Front

  • Future Solution to World HungerFood Supply & Distribution

  • Controlling Dreams to Relieve the MindThis Pg made it's way onto TV's Strange Science

  • Who were the First Transhumanists?
    Futurist Links Building A New Perfection of Man-includes robotic and free energy source links sites.

    For More Resources regarding Science and Health check out this mass database: AllRefer Reference and Health Resource - Reference and Health
    Educational resource provides a comprehensive collection of reference, encyclopedia, health, gazetteer, country studies, and educational databases. Includes more than 150,000 articles on topics covered under health, history, science, people, places, arts, sports, plants, animals, technology, philosophy, religion, literature, and more.
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