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  • Pre-Requisites of the Messiah-Qualifying the True Fulfillment
  • Why do we need a Messiah? Purpose of the Messiah Explained
  • Alternative Ethnic Spiritual path
    Gathering of the 12 Tribes-Moshiach Links

  • Future Method for THE Resurrection
  • The Angel Explained
    Archangel Michael

  • Explaining Angels By Context of Scripture

  • Explaining Malakh-Tsadek-i.e. Melchizedek

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  • *NEW* Biblical Terms DictionaryDecipher symbolic terms & biblical slang

  • Conversion to Judaism Resources
  • Favorite Links

    *NEW* Brief Synopsis of Judaism's Ideology

  • *NEW* Who is the JudgeWhat Purpose Does Judgment Serve?
  • Preparing the Flock for the Coming Messiah AgeResource For Transitional Clergy
  • Coming Together As One
    Gathering Teshuva
  • But under who's authority?The Lesson of The Tower of Babel
  • Changing of the GuardsMore Biblical Proof of the Changing Authority
  • *NEW*The Eye of G-d
  • *NEW* How does one Become Righteous?
  • Listen to a Real Audio clip - How do you become Righteous?
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